Crafts & Cider

Craft Beer and Cider

When it comes to craft beers and ciders, we understand that it’s all about the way it’s made. We’ve handpicked some great craft beers and ciders that have been brewed to perfection around the world.

Full of zesty lemongrass and lime aroma; Brewdog Dead Pony Club has been specially crafted from an insane amount of US hops – a real taste of the Pacific-Coast.

Camden Hells lager is a true classic: easy-drinking, crisp and dry with beautiful bubbles. The depth of flavours comes from slow maturation in the tank – no wonder it tastes so good!

Cider isn’t just for summer, you can enjoy a bottle from our special selection come rain or shine – it’ll taste delicious either way.

Our thirst-quenching Old Mout range includes Strawberry & Pomegranate, Kiwi & Lime and Berries.